24 Mar 2011

Embattled Tonga Police Commissioner has no intention of stepping down

7:18 am on 24 March 2011

Tonga's Police Commissioner says he has no plans to step down, despite now having to defend himself against allegations lodged with both Cabinet and the Minister of Police.

Chris Kelley says he's still not seen a copy of the petition, allegedly signed by one-hundred-and-50 officers, that's been passed to a special government committee for consideration.

He says a second so-called petition, a letter from an officer under investigation, is light on fact and heavy on fiction.

"I personally see no reason to step down. I've received an enormous amount of support here in Tonga. I think and it's only my opinion but I think that there are a small number of people who've manipulated a few others for whatever reason is not yet clear but I do hope we can get to the bottom of it."

Chris Kelley says it's strange that he hasn't been given access to the petitioners' identities, despite having requested it.