22 Mar 2011

Dumped Samoa Cabinet Minister supports new line-up

8:42 am on 22 March 2011

One of Samoa's dumped ministers says she supports the new cabinet, and will be using her time on the back benches to advocate for her constituency.

One of the three woman MPs in the last cabinet, Gatoloaifa'na Amataga Alesana Gidlow, has been replaced as Minister of Health, as have the former Minister of Police and Prisons, Toleafoa Apulu Faafisi, and the former Minister of Finance, Papalii Niko Lee Hang.

Gatoloaifa'na Amataga Alesana Gidlow says the selection of her replacement, Tuitama Dr Talalelei Tuitama, is a good one.

"I think it's very appropriate, because not only was he the associate minister with myself, but he's also, being a doctor a medical person. And with all the new improvements that the government are hoping to enforce and put in place in the next five years it's very appropriate."

Gatoloaifa'na Amataga Alesana Gidlow says the new Cabinet is highly qualified.