21 Mar 2011

Sensitive report on violent ethnic clashes in Vanuatu due to be made public today

5:14 pm on 21 March 2011

Vanuatu's Minister of Justice Ralph Regenvanu is due to release a report today into fatal ethnic riots in the capital Port Vila.

The report comes three years after the clashes between Tanna and Ambrym islanders in the Blacksands squatter settlement.

The violence left three people dead and prompted a two week state of emergency in Port Vila.

An earlier report by a Commission of Inquiry into the clashes criticised the Vanuatu Police Force for its involvement but was never officially released by the government.

Today's release is expected to outline the actions of the Vanuatu Police before, during and after the riots.

It will also outline findings over the absence of police leaders at the time of the clashes.