16 Mar 2011

Fiji NGO brings together land stakeholders to discuss reforms under Land Use Decree

7:27 pm on 16 March 2011

The Fiji NGO, the Citizens Constitutional Forum, says a workshop in Labasa on Thursday and Friday for land stakeholders is a chance to discuss the reforms introduced last year.

The interim government brought in the Land Use Decree with the stated aim of creating a fairer leasing system.

The programme manager at the CCF, Rod Yee, says as well as land owners and tenants the workshop will involve personnel from the new institutions created by the Decree, such as the Land Use Unit.

He says they wanted to create a space where people could sit down and talk about the land reforms.

"There has been any opportunity for this since they've implemented the new Land Use Decree so we are now basically creating a space, almost after the event. Secondly, because we are forward looking, we want for the parties and all the stakeholders to be able to sit down and discuss how this new Land Use Decree is impacting on them, and then thirdly, to look for ways forward."