14 Mar 2011

Minor ructions in French Polynesia camp opposed to Tong Sang

3:59 pm on 14 March 2011

Reports from French Polynesia say the pro-independence opposition coalition considering to lodge a motion of no confidence has fractured.

Public radio says an assembly member, Benoit Kautai, has distanced himself from the group because he won't sign up to a bid to have French Polynesia re-inscribed on the UN list of territories to be decolonised.

This means a motion is unlikely to succeed.

The government has the backing of only nine of the assembly's 57 members and there is a split among politicians over the budget, with the President insisting that the one passed by the assembly is not valid.

The Union For Democracy has been in talks with other groups to secure a majority among opposition politicians for a motion.

Mr Kautai had earlier expressed frustration at the discussions that failed to tackle the economic crisis.

He has also spoken for his Marquesas islands to be given a separate autonomy deal with France.