12 Mar 2011

Key figures in PNG rugby league dispute agree to meet

10:24 am on 12 March 2011

A long running dispute over the leadership of the Papua New Guinea Rugby League Federation could be resolved this weekend, after the main parties agreed to settle matters out of court.

The federation's former deputy chairman, Bryan Kramer disputes the legitimacy of the current administration and claims that he was elected chairman at a meeting in December.

Vinnie Wylie reports.

"The current administration was handed the reigns last July on a temporary basis, after a previous dispute over the legitimacy of the then-chair Gary Juffa. A new chairman was to be elected at January's Annual General Meeting, however a court order was issued to the interim chair, John Numapo, forcing the meeting to be abandoned."

A court hearing scheduled for last month did not eventuate. But the PNG Rugby League Federation's Operations Manager, Joe Rokam, says John Numapo, Gary Juffa and Bryan Kramer have now agreed to try and settle the dispute away from the courtroom. He says it's hoped a resolution can be reached this weekend from which the date for a new AGM can then be set.