11 Mar 2011

Papua group accuses Australia of intimidation in citizenship row

12:27 pm on 11 March 2011

The leader of a Papua New Guinea group claiming Australian citizienship says Canberra is frightened of being exposed for its racial discriminatory White Australia policy.

Jonathan Baure, who heads Papua Australia Plaintiff United Affiliates, says he and his supporters are quite determined to cross Torres Strait again as part of their campaign.

Mr Baure says Australia is wrong to say that the courts have thrown out his case which is based on a claim that Canberra recognise that Papuans were not given a choice to remain Australians when PNG became independent in 1975.

He says Australia is resorting to intimidation, threats and misinformation to stop another flotilla from trying to enter Australia later this month.

Mr Baure says he challenges Australia to charge him so that he can have his day in court.

He says the members of his group that made it to Queensland last December were deported while people from countries, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, are being given the courtesy of having their claims processed.