10 Mar 2011

Tongan food growers look for new export opportunity into New Zealand

7:28 pm on 10 March 2011

Fruit and vegetable growers in Tonga are hoping to take advantage of more opportunities in the New Zealand market.

Tonga's Ministry of Agriculture is working on a strategy to significantly increase its agricultural exports into New Zealand's during the coming winter season.

The head of the Tonga Growers Federation Viliami Tiseli says it would include tomatoes.

"It's only one country that New Zealand accepts tomatoe exports to New Zealand is Australia, Queensland, and currently New Zealand and Australia they are working and doing a bit of technical research if Tonga could be included to export to New Zealand for the tomato so we are currently waiting for the result."

Viliami Tiseli says Tonga has built new facilities to meet the bio-security standards.