11 Mar 2011

Cook Islands paper expects summons to parliament's privileges body

6:46 am on 11 March 2011

A Cook Islands newspaper, the Cook Islands News, expects to be referred to the parliamentary privileges committee by new Speaker, former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Henry.

The newspaper's editor, John Woods, says he believes Sir Geoffrey has concerns at a report suggesting he wanted a big lift in the normal Speaker's salary.

Mr Woods says they've received a letter from the clerk of Parliament demanding the paper furnish the Speaker's office with all political stories it's run since the new parliament opened.

He says the paper won't be providing this.

"Demanded by the clerk that we supply hard copies, electronic copies, of every story, every letter to the editor and cartoon we have run since a given date. Well he's not entitled to ask that. A select committee or privileges committee certainly would be and when and if such a committee is formed, appointed and issues a request such as that we will duly comply."

That's the Cook Islands News' John Woods.