9 Mar 2011

Funding questions over new Fiji women's centres

4:02 pm on 9 March 2011

Questions are being raised over plans to establish women's centres in 14 provinces across Fiji.

The interim Government has endorsed the building of the centres as part of its implementation of the women's plan of action, an initiative aimed at promoting gender equality.

The Executive director of the women's group, Femlinkpacific, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls is questioning how the centres will be set up and managed as she says the budget estimate for 2011 is only about 189,000 US dollars.

"I would hope that one, while there is a commitment to invest in these centres, there's not going to be seen as you know put up a building and then what? So hopefully the programmes can be run through these will be done in a couple of ways. One, ensuring that the women's interest offices themselves have the resources then particularly for information, communication, dissemination."

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls says she also hopes women of all ethnicities will be able to access the centres once they're operating.