8 Mar 2011

Palau reporter speaks of deportation fears

4:25 pm on 8 March 2011

A journalist from the now defunct Palau Horizon newspaper says she feared she could be deported after standing up for the rights of foreigners in Palau.

Bernadette Carreon says it was harder covering stories while taking a class action suit against the 'alien' or foreign registration fee scheme of the Palau government.

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled the registration scheme was unconstitutional.

Bernadette Carreon says the ruling is good news, but as she's from the Philippines, her immigration status is always of concern.

"It was a big case at the time that it was filed. Yeah I mean there wasn't like direct threats that they wanted to bar me, but I was scared I was going to be deported."

Bernadette Carreon says she worked at the paper for a decade until it closed late last year.