8 Mar 2011

Tahiti assembly votes in bid to annul president's budget

2:04 pm on 8 March 2011

The French Polynesian assembly has overwhelmingly approved a measure to abrogate the 2011 budget published by the President Gaston Tong Sang.

44 out of 57 members voted for the move to counter Mr Tong Sang who has refused to publish the budget passed by the assembly last month and instead tried to make official the budget which he had drawn up.

According to Tahitipresse, the deadline for Mr Tong Sang to acknowledge the budget approved by the assembly ends today.

The French high commission has sought a court ruling to determine which budget is valid.

Mr Tong Sang has also sought a court ruling but says if he loses he will implement the budget passed by the assembly.

Mr Tong Sang has the support of only nine assembly members but the opposition coalition won't remove him because it cannot agree on who should succeed him.