8 Mar 2011

Vanuatu newspaper publisher will seek justice if police fail to prosecute MP

8:28 am on 8 March 2011

The publisher of the Vanuatu Daily Post says he'll seek justice privately if the police fail to prosecute the minister he's accused of orchestrating his assault.

Marc Neil Jones says he was assaulted last Friday after Public Utilities Minister Harry Iauko led a group of men into his office.

The Vanuatu police say they're investigating a complaint of intentional assault but have yet to lay charges as Mr Neil Jones did not see who committed the attack.

They say they've not decided whether charges will be laid against all those present during the assault.

Mr Neil Jones says the Minister was in complete control of the situation and he will take out a private prosecution if the police don't lay charges against him.

"What we need to do is get him convicted. If he is convicted of a criminal offence and the ombudsman does his job and gets him clearly convicted of a breach of the leadership code, then his political career is finished."

Marc Neil Jones says the Prime Minister Sato Kilman may be reluctant to sack Mr Iauko because of his slim majority.