7 Mar 2011

Former Fiji cabinet minister explores asylum option in Australia

4:28 pm on 7 March 2011

Former Fiji cabinet minister Samisoni Tikonisau says he may seek asylum in Australia because he's at risk if he returns to Fiji.

Mr Tikonisau fled to Australia and spoke out about his detention and beating at an army barracks in Fiji two weeks ago.

He says he's looking at options to stay in the country including applying for permanent residency or a protection visa.

"It's very clear. I have reliable information from Fiji, from my sources there, that they are advising me not to return as yet given the real possibility that I will be further detained and probably subject to some sort of prosecution under the current regime."

Mr Tikonisau says medical documents issued in Australia cleared of him serious injury but detail the trauma and pain he suffered during his ordeal.