4 Mar 2011

NZ unions concerned at intimidation of Fiji union leader

3:13 pm on 4 March 2011

New Zealand's Council of Trade Unions says it is extremely concerned about the intimidation of Fiji's Trade Union head, Felix Anthony.

Mr Anthony was assaulted twice by the military in February.

The CTU says it has sent its support and solidarity to Mr Anthony who had participated in International and South Pacific meetings the day before he was first detained.

The CTU Secretary Peter Conway says he hopes condemnation from New Zealand will help the union movement and workers in Fiji.

"We've been in touch with the New Zealand government at both a political and a government department level. We'll be writing to the Fijian government and we've talked to a huge number of people about this accross the union movement. Internationally Felix is very, very well known and respected internationally."

Peter Conway says the Fiji union movement is extremely concerned about the rule by decree, the supression of trade union rights, collective bargining and the lowering of the compulsory retirement age to 55.