3 Mar 2011

Another fuel price hike for American Samoa

11:45 am on 3 March 2011

American Samoa has been hit with another major increase in prices for kerosene and diesel fuel as more than 2,000 government workers received their first paycheck since a reduction of working hours.

The increase is of 13 US cents per gallon for kerosene, putting the retail price at over US 4.15 per gallon.

For diesel, it increases by 12 cents sending retail fuel road diesel to close to $4.20 per gallon.

For gasoline, it increased to 4 cents putting the average retail price at gas pumps at almost $3.90 per gallon.

Jet fuel also sees a hike of 13 cents per gallon, putting the wholesale price at $3.59 per gallon while a retail price is unknown.