28 Feb 2011

Calls for Marshall Islands police to enforce liquor laws as access for teens grows

7:24 pm on 28 February 2011

Calls are growing for the Marshall Islands police to better enforce the liquor law and crack down on shops selling alcohol to minors.

Parents and education authorities have complained about the ease with which teenagers can purchase alcohol at shops near schools.

The latest, Majuro Middle School, is calling for action, after 13 students were expelled from school for drunkenness.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says unfortunately many shop owners allow illegal purchases of alcohol to occur, by not asking for proper identification or proof of age.

"It's very easy for minors, people under 21, to buy alcohol, at small takeout neighbourhood type stores because there's very little enforcement of the laws governing the sale of alcohol to minors."

Public Hearings are currently underway in the Marshall Islands on whether to raise the tax on some alcohol, making it more expensive to buy.