28 Feb 2011

Pacific Church leader in Christchurch reaches out to victim's family

7:26 pm on 28 February 2011

The head of a Pacific church in Christchurch has spoken about the death of one of their community members in last week's earthquake

Jeff Pelesa Sanft was on one of two buses going through the CBD, which was crushed by falling debris.

The 32 year old's Samoan family is based in Christchurch.

The senior minister at St Paul's Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Church spoke to Jeff Sanft's uncle a few days ago.

The Reverend Lapana Faletolu says it's hard news to take.

"They are just like any other family when they go through a trauma like that, people are broken up, people are saddened by the fact that someone has lost his life and probably his parents are devastated and the whole extended family."

Lapana Faletolu says it's comforting knowing that so many people from inside and outside of New Zealand are thinking of them.