28 Feb 2011

Child alcohol abuse worries Marshalls parents

1:10 pm on 28 February 2011

In the Marshall Islands, parents, teachers and administrators of a school in Majuro are angry they cannot get government action to halt alcohol sales in shops near students.

Majuro Middle School officials say the that government is not doing its part to prevent illegal sales of vodka to 12-to-14-year-old students during school hours.

The school has taken action by recently dismissing 13 students for drunken behaviour.

But the Principal Lenn Lenja says they are extremely concerned that students can still buy alcohol from a nearby shop.

The dismissal of the 13 students, mostly seventh graders, has reduced the problem at the middle school by sending a message to the students about drinking during school hours.

But middle school staff and administrators report seeing students from other nearby schools drunk or drinking on campus.

The national police Detective, Randall Mckay, sent a memo to the Attorney General's office last December on the issue but there has been no further activity from the national government.