24 Feb 2011

Amid spat, France says French Polynesia has one budget only

6:07 pm on 24 February 2011

The French high commissioner in Tahiti says according to him, French Polynesia has one budget only and that is the one passed by the opposition in the assembly last weekend.

This comes as the President Gaston Tong Sang is refusing to make it official and telling Tahitipresse that he wants the courts to decide whether it or the one he has proposed is legal.

43 of the 57 members passed the budget against his will.

Mr Tong Sang has questioned the process and he says he has advised both the assembly president and the high commissioner of his stance.

Mr Tong Sang, whose support has shrunk to nine out of the 57 assembly members, has challenged the opposition to lodge a motion of no confidence.

The opposition side has suggested he resign amid apparent disagreement on who would be the next President.

However, Mr Tong Sang has said he won't step down.