22 Feb 2011

Concerns in Fiji youth could be lost as a result of glue sniffing

8:23 am on 22 February 2011

A group supporting young people in Fiji believes many of its youth could be lost if an issue with glue sniffing is not stamped out.

The police in Fiji have stepped up measures to stop teenagers and children as young as nine years old from glue sniffing, by raising awareness in schools and through media.

The President of the Young People's Concerned Network, Peter Waqavonovono says the problem is very serious as it's affecting the potential breadwinners of the future and says it could become worse if not dealt with in full.

"The consequences are low turnouts in our schools, violence in our schools. There's also been cases where young people have been lured into homes with glue and then in that process they've been abused. The drug also has some serious health implications. We believe it also traps young people into a cycle of social problems, so the poverty stricken will continue to stay poverty stricken, the unemployed stay unemployed."

Peter Waqavonovono says other consequences could be an increase in crime, teenage pregnancies, school expulsions and lower literacy rates.