21 Feb 2011

Both sides in Vanuatu claim they will win no confidence motion

11:25 am on 21 February 2011

In Vanuatu, both sides of the house insist they have the numbers to defeat each other in the Opposition no confidence motion vote today.

Vanuaaku Pati national coordinator, Chief John Noel, claims the government side has at least 30 members of parliament to defeat the motion.

Chief Noel made the announcement after flying into Port Vila from Luganville where he said he secured four more MPs for the government side.

He names the MPs are Nagriamel's Havo Moli, Vanuatu Republican Party's Samson Samsen, People Action Party's Peter Vuta and Peoples Progressive Party's David Areasuv.

But one of the four, Havo Moli, has denied withdrawing his name from the motion saying he is still with the Opposition.