21 Feb 2011

Fiji Rugby Union Board happy to move on after IRB agreement

11:30 am on 21 February 2011

The interim chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union Board says they're looking forward to putting the last couple of months behind them and getting on with running the game.

It comes after the International Rugby Board brokered an agreement between the FRU and the Fiji interim government, following allegations of misused funds.

The interim government has agreed to provide a US$1.6 million investment towards Fiji's Rugby World Cup campaign, after previously indicating it would only do so if the FRU board resigned.

A Special General Meeting has been called for early next month but the board's interim chairman, Rafaele Kasibulu, says any changes to the board will not take place until the Annual General Meeting in April.

"One of the agreements that was reached between the IRB and the government is for elections to go on in the general meeting in April - only then will we have the board changing."

Rafaele Kasibulu says the board hopes to meet later this week to discuss the IRB agreement and the upcoming Special General Meeting