21 Feb 2011

161 candidates for general election in Samoa-Prime Minister returned unopposed

11:17 am on 21 February 2011

Samoa's Prime Minister will be returned to power un opposed after the closing of nominations.

His constituency of Lepa had a single candidate for the second consecutive general election after the Tautua Samoa party candidate, Tu'ula Kiliri Lafi, was disqualified for not providing a village service or monotaga under a new provision of the electoral act.

The Anoamaa west constituency will have have it's MP returned after the court has ruled against a bid from another Tautua Samoa party candidate and former parliamentary speaker, Leota Leuluaialii Ituau Ale.

Samoa's general election next month will have 161 candidates contesting from forty territorial constituencies

Of that number, 112 are backing the ruling party although 80 will run under the HRPP banner, while the other 32 will run as independents.

The opposition, Tautua Samoa party, has 47 confirmed candidates.

200 candidates stood in the last general election in 2006