18 Feb 2011

CNMI bill to halve number of Saipan lawmakers to be introduced today

4:07 pm on 18 February 2011

A bill that would halve the number of CNMI lawmakers from Saipan is to be introduced in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

The intiative proposes a reduction to nine of the House members from Saipan as well as changes to the electoral system that would liberate voters from the restriction of precincts.

The congressman behind the bill, Joseph Palacios, says there's a lot of public support for it.

"CNMI is actually broke. I think this is one of the areas that the legislature in its part will greatly reduce. So we actually will be reducing a little bit on an annual basis. We'll be reducing back about one, nearly 1.2 million dollars if we were to cut down by half of the members."

Joseph Palacios says the aim is to have the new law in place in time for the 2012 general election.