18 Feb 2011

Solomon Islands government claims four new members

9:12 am on 18 February 2011

There are reports the Solomon Islands government has regained its numerical strength.

The Solomon Star reports four members from the opposition camp yesterday joined the government.

The four MPs are James Tora, Mark Kemakeza, Martin Sopaghe and Walter Folotalu.

The four were sworn-in at government house by the governor general yesterday

Mr Tora is taking up his old portfolio of police and national security, Mr Kemakeza returns to the Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification portfolio, while Mr Sopaghe is back as Lands and Housing Minister, and Mr Folotalu is the new Minister for provincial government.

The national government described the addition of the four to their group as a "game over" to the political wrangling of the last five weeks.

They tipped that two more MPs will join them to take up the portfolios of Public Service and Fisheries.