17 Feb 2011

Thousands farewell Fiji's former President at state funeral

12:06 pm on 17 February 2011

In Fiji, thousands of people have gathered at the chiefly burial grounds of Naburenivalu in Viseisei, Vuda, to farewell former President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

About 500 soldiers are in Viseisei for the state funeral, which will see the highest military honour accorded to Ratu Josefa, who passed away over a week ago following a long illness.

Military spokesperson, Lt Colonel Neumi Leweni says the soldiers are ready for the 21 gun salute which will be accorded to the late high chief.

Fiji Village reporter, Tokasa Rainima , says members of the Fiji military forces are pall bearers of the chiefly casket.

"They will walk from Vunisei to Jone Wesele Church for the funeral service. After the funeral service the chiefly cortege will walk across to the Sautabu Nabureni Valu where the men from natubere will then receive the casket from the military men."

Fiji Village reporter Tokasa Rainima at the Jone Wesele Church.