17 Feb 2011

Solomon Islands dolphin exporter blames animal activists for resumption of trade

10:37 am on 17 February 2011

A Solomon Islands exporter of live dolphins says he's resuming the trade because he hasn't been paid by an animal activist group.

Robert Satu, the director of the Marine Mammal Educational Centre, says he plans to start hunting dolphins at the end of June to fill orders from Europe and the Middle East.

He says he made an agreement with Earth Island Institute to release dolphins last July on Independence Day on the basis that he'd be paid.

But Mr Satu says that payment never arrived.

"They told me that after the release then they're going to pay and they told me not to hunt dolphin more for, to try and wait for another four years. So if I stop hunting dolphins or selling them then what sort of business did they provided for me?"

Robert Satu says people from overseas should stop poking their nose into Solomon Islanders' business.