16 Feb 2011

Solomon Islands dolphin exporter confirms order from Germany

5:25 pm on 16 February 2011

A Solomon Islands exporter of live dolphins has confirmed that he plans to fill an order from Germany, along with orders from other European countries and Dubai.

Robert Satu, the director of the Marine Mammal Educational Centre, can't confirm the exact number of dolphins each country's ordered but hopes to begin hunting at the end of June.

Mr Satu says the other European countries don't want their identity publicised.

"After Germany then I'll go back to Dubai and get the other contract from Dubai, which is, they have to complete their tourism place again before I'll send them but they already out their order in."

Robert Satu says he released dolphins on Independence Day last year at the request of the animal activists Earth Island Institute on the basis that they would pay him.

He says he's resuming dolphin exports because he hasn't received the payment.