14 Feb 2011

Vanuatu opposition splitting up government posts ahead of no confidence vote

8:08 pm on 14 February 2011

Three former Vanuatu prime ministers have signed an agreement assigning positions if their vote of no confidence in the government succeeds when an extra-ordinary session of parliament is held this Friday.

Last week 28 MPs in the 52 seat parliament lodged a motion for vote of no confidence in the prime minister, Sato Kilman.

Mr Kilman came to power just over two months ago after deposing Edward Natapei in a no confidence vote.

The speaker Maxime Carlot Korman, who's shift from supporting Mr Kilman has been a pivotal factor, says the application for a vote is valid and he's called parliament together on Friday.

Mr Carlot Korman, along with Mr Natapei, who's now opposition leader, and Serge Vohor, have revealed how they will split up the posts on Friday.

They say if the vote is successful, Mr Vohor will become prime minister, Mr Natapei will be his deputy, and Mr Carlot Korman will stay as speaker.

They say cabinet portfolios are to be split among four parties while they've now garnered the backing of 34 of the 52 MPs.

Mr Natapei says the president of Vanuatu, Iolu Abil, has told him he won't dissolve the parliament.

He says the dissolution of parliament isn't the solution to the country's problems.