14 Feb 2011

Date for early sitting of Solomons' parliament likely tomorrow

7:29 pm on 14 February 2011

A date for the Solomon Islands parliament to sit is expected to be announced tomorrow.

The opposition has been pushing for parliament to resume so it can challenge the government's majority through a motion of no confidence it filed after several cabinet ministers crossed the floor.

The Speaker Sir Allen Kemakeza met with Prime Minister Danny Philip and opposition leader Steve Abana this afternoon to agree to a date.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says Sir Allen has told the media it will be announced following a second meeting with the leaders tomorrow.

"I think it's going to be sometime in March. The first date that was named was the seventh of March, because by then there was an estimation from within finance that the budget would be ready by then, the final budget for government. But with the political number game it might change, the decision might be to push it to a later date. That's not clear yet at this point."

Dorothy Wickham