14 Feb 2011

Chile due to respond this week to international protection order for Rapa Nui

1:37 pm on 14 February 2011

Chile is due to respond this week to an international human rights body's demand for protection for the indigenous people of Rapa Nui.

The Inter-American Commission for Human Rights last week granted Rapa Nui what are known as precautionary measures after alleged human rights abuses by Chilean authorities in dealing with ancestral land claims.

Sally Round reports.

"Dozens of Rapa Nui on isolated Easter Island, were injured in December when police fired rubber bullets during the ongoing dispute. The Commission's asked the state of Chile to end armed violence against the Rapa Nui people, guarantee authorities don't jeopardize their life or integrity and report back to the Commission by February the 17th. Lawyers acting for the Rapa Nui people say the Commission's action validates their concerns that human rights are being violated on Rapa Nui Island. They say the Chilean government must review its policy on Rapa Nui issues, take measures to comply with international human rights law, and begin a fair dialogue with the Rapa Nui nation."