14 Feb 2011

Two Vanuatu govt MPs now known to have resigned leading to a minority govt

11:31 am on 14 February 2011

The leader of the opposition in Vanuatu, Edward Natapei, claims they now have the support of a clear majority of 34 MPs in the 52 seat parliament.

On Friday, two Vanuatu government ministers from the coalition government of prime minister, Sato Kilman resigned, taking with them their party support.

Earlier, it was thought three government ministers had stepped down, but it has now become clear the agriculture minister is still in office.

Their resignations followed a motion of no confidence against Mr Kilman presented to Parliament.

The 29 MPs who signed it also requested an extra-ordinary session of parliament to take place in 7 days to debate the motion.

Mr Kilman stepped up from Deputy Prime Minister last December after ousting Edward Natapei from the top job in a no-confidence vote.