10 Feb 2011

The Opposition in Solomons' political conflict shows continuing need for RAMSI

2:44 pm on 10 February 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition says the current political conflict in the country shows the Regional Assistance Mission is still needed.

A Solomon Islands intelligence report claims Australia was angered by the Prime Minister Danny Philip's announcement of a five-year exit strategy for RAMSI.

It says money is being offered to encourage government MPs to switch to the opposition.

The deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale says the report is nonsense.

But he says allegations MPs have been threatened and attacked during the current political standoff between the government and opposition suggests there is still a need for the mission.

"RAMSI will be here for as long or as short as is necessary, not a day longer than is necessary. Now you will note that a shot was fired not long ago during these trying times. That's an indication that perhaps RAMSI ought to be here for a while yet dealing with some of these issues."

Matthew Wale says the Solomon Islands economy also needs foreign investment, although there is need for reform of regulations.