10 Feb 2011

Lusibaea letter stalls Solomon Islands High Court appeal hearing

10:46 am on 10 February 2011

The lawyer for a Solomon Islands MP jailed for assault has submitted a letter to the High Court requesting that no Australian-funded judges preside over his appeal case.

Our correspondent in Honiara says Jimmy Lusibaea, who was convicted of shooting a hospitalised man in both knees and hitting a police officer over the head during the ethnic tensions in 2000, has now filed a legal challenge claiming he should have been given amnesty from those charges.

Last month the Parole Board released Lusibaea 41 days into a two year and nine month prison term.

Dorothy Wickham says the letter postponed a High Court hearing scheduled yesterday afternoon.

"The legal counsel for Mr Jimmy Lusibaea had written to the High Court on his behalf not wanting any Australian-funded judges to hear his case and this case I am referring to is his appeal against the charges laid against him in which he was convicted and was released on parole for."

Our correspondent in Solomon Islands, Dorothy Wickham.