9 Feb 2011

Solomons Govt spokesman stands by accusations Australia is backing opposition

7:46 pm on 9 February 2011

A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands Prime Minister is standing by allegations that Australia has been backing the opposition's bid to topple the government.

The claims are contained in a government intelligence report given to the Solomon Star newspaper by the Prime Minister's Press Secretary Alfred Sasako.

The allegations have been dismissed by the Australian High Commission in Honiara and the deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale.

But Mr Sasako has reiterated the claims in the report, saying up to 64 thousand US dollars is now being offered to MPs to cross the floor.

"This is something that the deputy leader of the opposition has openly boasted about not once but many many times that he has the support of the Australian government to unseat the government of Prime Minister Danny Philip."

Alfred Sasako says the government can not reveal the sources of its intelligence but more evidence of its allegations will be produced.