9 Feb 2011

Questions raised in Fiji over single wage council

9:40 am on 9 February 2011

Questions are being raised in Fiji over plans to form a single wage council.

The Labour Ministry is planning to phase out the ten existing wage councils and to set a national minimum wage.

The Fiji Employers Federation President, Digby Bossely says he would only support a national wages council if it represents a cross-section of the country's industries and their wage ranges.

"What's going to be the composition of this new national wages council? Are they going to extend the membership so all sectors of industries are going to be represented? Or are they just going to continue with the same two from the employers, two from the unions, I think it's two independents and a chairman."

Digby Bossely says setting a national minimum wage would be a step in the right direction but he would like to see more economic studies carried out before it comes into law.