8 Feb 2011

Solomons Opposition seeks Governor General's help to solve impasse

2:17 pm on 8 February 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition says its awaiting the Governor General's response to its latest request for Parliament to be called.

The government claims to still have a majority of MPs despite a series of ministerial resignations, and maintains that parliament will not be brought back until March to pass the budget.

But the deputy opposition leader Matthew Wale says the latest resignations of ministers, Mark Kemakeza and Martin Sopaghe, gives it a clear majority.

He says they have now written a second letter to the governor general with the signatures of 26 MPs seeking his help to resolve the impasse

"Asking him to again restart the dialogue with the prime minister with a view to getting the prime minister basically either to resign or to call parliament so parliament can deal with the no confidence motion."

Matthew Wale says the opposition expects to receive a written response from the Governor General today, and is confident he will do the right thing.