7 Feb 2011

Solomons government maintain that defections haven't undermined it

7:39 pm on 7 February 2011

A spokesperson for the Solomon Islands Prime Minister denies the government is becoming increasingly unstable following the latest ministerial resignations.

Ministers Mark Kemakeza and Martin Sopaghe have resigned for a second time, after returning to the government fold following their earlier resignations several weeks ago.

They're the latest in a string of defections that have prompted the opposition to push for parliament to be called so the government's majority can be challenged.

The prime minister's press secretary Alfred Sasako says that's a sign of the opposition's desperation, rather than government instability.

But Alfred Sasako concedes it would have been good if the two ministers had remained in government

"But that's a choice they make, whether that reflects the wishes of their constituents, that's a matter for them to answer. Definitely I think they have issues, whether those issues represent the national interest, that is something that you can ask them."

Alfred Sasako says the numbers remain evenly split between the government and the opposition.