3 Feb 2011

Vanuatu cyclone victims get government assistance

7:37 pm on 3 February 2011

The National Disaster Management Office in Vanuatu says about 800-thousand US dollars from the government will go towards food and the distribution of emergency supplies to the cyclone-hit province of Tafea.

The office says the estimated 6-thousand households in the province are suffering from a lack of food after crops were destroyed in Cyclone Vania in the second week of January.

The office's director, Job Esau, says that's compounded problems with the food supply caused by a drought and the eruption of the Yasur volcano last year.

"At the moment they are living on cyclone remains, they are used to traditional food mainly. So I guess they are adjusting to making sure that they can use whatever they have to manage their family until government assistance reaches their end."

Job Esau says it's disappointing its taken this long to receive funding for relief supplies, but he hopes they can begin the relief programme next week.

He says relatives who have moved from Tafea are also helping to provide food to their families in the province.