3 Feb 2011

IRB stresses any changes at FRU must stick to the constitution

1:48 pm on 3 February 2011

The Fiji Rugby Union has been told by IRB officials that any changes to its management or governance have to be in line with the Union's constitution.

The global rugby body's chief executive, Mike Miller and the IRB's Oceania manager, Will Glenwright, met the Fiji board earlier this week.

They also met with the interim sports minister, Filipe Bole, and say talks with the government are ongoing.

Mr Bole had called for the entire board to resign after allegations of misused funds, but a special general meeting, scheduled for next week, has been postponed at the IRB's request.

The board's interim chairman, Rafaele Kasibulu, says the IRB stressed they want any changes done by the book.

"What they were concerned about is that everything should be within the constitution - that's what they are more concerned of. Everything is still on hold until we have a final outcome.''"

The interim chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union, Rafaele Kasibulu.