2 Feb 2011

American Samoa leader says climate change ideas will be taken seriously

8:03 pm on 2 February 2011

American Samoa's governor, Togiola Tulafono, has promised participants in the territory's first climate change summit that any recommendations will be taken seriously.

More than 100 local and off island scientists, policy makers, educators and students are taking part in the event that's aimed at establishing a climate change framework for local communities.

Togiola opened the meeting, saying one of the critical things to accomplish is how to minimise American Samoa's vulnerability to the effects of climate change through smart and careful planning.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Charles Fletcher, of the University of Hawaii - Manoa, who's been studying sea level rise in the territory, revealed findings of a study he made of Amouli village.

He says land in Amouli near the sea could be covered by water within ten years.