2 Feb 2011

Solomon Islands and Vanuatu appear to have avoided the worst of Cyclone Yasi

2:42 pm on 2 February 2011

Disaster officials say Cyclone Yasi hasn't caused any significant damage either Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands.

Officials have had trouble making contact with the Vanuatu's northern province, Torba, and Job Esau from the Disaster Management Office says it's still waiting for detailed assessments from the provincial committee.

But Job Esau says at this stage it doesn't appear that the cyclone caused any major damage in the remote part of the country.

An official from the Solomon Islands' Disaster Management Office says the eye of the cyclone didn't reach landfall and there was no major damage to the country's southern islands.

Meanwhile Papua New Guinea's Milne Bay area, which is located on the south-eastern tip of the country, is expected to be affected by Cyclone Yasi later today.

Queensland is bracing for the arrival of the now category five storm late tonight.