31 Jan 2011

Solomon Islands PM claims a two seat majority

3:24 pm on 31 January 2011

The government in Solomon Islands says it has a two seat majority in Parliament despite defections to the opposition last week.

On Friday the opposition lodged a notice for parliament to be recalled for a vote of no-confidence after five ministers crossed the floor.

The opposition says the house is now evenly divided and up to four more MPs are expected to defect in the coming week.

But press secretary to the Prime Minister, Alfred Sasako, says the Danny Philip government still has 25 seats in parliament to the opposition's 23.

"The Minister of Public Service has not resigned. He is still a cabinet minister. Because he was forced to sign the petition calling on the Governor-General to call parliament, he's required to re-take his oath of allegiance."

Alfred Sasako says the minister is expected to retake his oath in the next two days.