29 Jan 2011

Leading American Samoa sports figure dies

11:24 am on 29 January 2011

American Samoa is mourning the loss of sports icon and community leader Solaita Ben Solaita, who was president of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee for 13 years

Solaita passed away at the LBJ Hospital yesterday after being in a coma for a week.

Solaita was also the President of the American Samoa Little League Association and captain of the Nu'uuli Fautasi Satani.

The General Secretary of the ASNOC, Ken Tupua, says Ben has done so much to develop sports in the terrritory and that his love and passion for sport and community are immeasurable.

"I'm thinking that everyone knows, you know everyone that's associated with sports, they understand. Look at what he does. He really pushes what he loves. He goes in there and does it with his whole heart. That's going to be a big loss."

Solaita, 61 is survived by his wife Laufasa and four children.