28 Jan 2011

Solomon Islands Opposition predicts further defections

7:49 pm on 28 January 2011

The Solomon Islands opposition says yet more MPs could defect from the government in the coming days, and the Prime Minister Danny Philip should resign immediately.

Five Ministers have crossed the floor in a week, leading for calls for parliament to be recalled.

The opposition is today lodging a motion of no confidence, to be voted on when parliament resumes.

Matthew Wale says in the meantime, the opposition is a cohesive unit, no matter how long it takes for Mr Philip to call Parliament.

"That's a matter to be managed, we are doing everything to ensure that we remain intact. The people who have left the government have left the government for very strong reasons, and national interest issues. Of course, money can talk very loudly, and so can make people do crazy things, so you never rule that out, but I think we will hold together well."

Matthew Wale says it is always likely more MPs will resign the govenment and join the opposition.