28 Jan 2011

Red Cross helps families in American Samoa after cyclone

5:38 pm on 28 January 2011

The Red Cross of American Samoa is providing assistance to 26 families following Cyclone Wilma and is verifying requests from 9 more families.

Red Cross is providing these families with emergency essentials including tarpaulins to cover homes whose rooftops were partially or entirely blown away by the strong winds.

American Samoa Red Cross urges anyone still needing help due to the cyclone to contact them.

The Red Cross's media coordinator Vaito'a Hans Langkilde says they're working on verifying the needs of families as per Red Cross regulations.

"We continue to respond to family assistance needs so the teams will go out and verify the families as required by the policies and procedures laid out by Red Cross and try and assist them as much as possible."

American Samoa Red Cross's Vaito'a Hans Langkilde.