27 Jan 2011

Lobbying among Solomon Islands MPs intensifies

4:25 pm on 27 January 2011

The Solomon Islands government and opposition are reportedly tussling over mines minister Mark Kemakeza, as lobbying between the two camps intensifies.

The opposition yesterday called on the Prime Minister to resign, claiming it had a majority following the resignation of at least five cabinet ministers.

But the SIBC reports that while the opposition says Mr Kemakeza is officially one of its members, the Prime Minister Danny Philip says the MP revoked his resignation on Saturday to rejoin the government.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says people are now waiting for the Governor General's response to a petition from the opposition to call parliament, or to see if Danny Philip will take action

"Or that if the Prime Minister realises what is going on now, that he calls parliament, just to test the numbers, and to start moving it because it feels like it's a stalemate now. They need to keep it going so that something can happen so that the current government can keep doing its work now."

Dorothy Wickham