28 Jan 2011

Samoan flood deaths could have been avoided - disaster official

9:06 am on 28 January 2011

Emergency services in Samoa say three deaths as a result of Cyclone Wilma could have been avoided.

Two days ago an 11 year old boy of Se'ese'e, was playing near a flooded river bank when he was caught in the current.

On Monday a young woman was found dead near the Vaimoso bridge, and on Sunday a young man got into difficulties when swimming in high seas when Cyclone Wilma was close to Samoa.

Filomena Nelson from the Samoa Disaster Management Office says plenty of warnings were issued at the beginning of the cyclone season.

"We put out ads on TV and Radio for people to be aware of what to do in preparation for the cyclone season during a cyclone event or during a flooding event. We started issuing the flood advice sheets since last week and everbody saw it. Sometimes people don't take heed of the warnings and advice sheets that we provide."

Filomena Nelson says the water has now receded and they're now focussing on re-opening roads.