26 Jan 2011

Parts of Vanuatu face severe food shortages post cyclone

2:32 pm on 26 January 2011

There are serious concerns over food shortages in those areas affected by Cyclone Vania which swept through parts of Vanuatu over a week ago.

The cyclone hit islands in Tafea province, including Tanna island, the main centre of the region.

Peter Korisa, the research and planning officer from the National Disaster Management Office, says most fruit and vegetable crops were wiped out, which is an immediate concern.

"They depend mostly on subsistence farming and then they sell it, but it seems like most of those crops, especially cassava, taro, banana, they've been completely destroyed and even some cash crops as well, kava, which is one of the main income sources for the local community."

Peter Korisa says in Tanna there is no fruit market at the moment.